Re: [Nautilus-list] Allowing view components to provide editing (UI and architecture issues)

  What if in viewing text files, the view looked more like MS Word's
Print Preview window than it did like gEdit.  The source of confusion in
the text view, at least in my opinion is that it looks like it should be
an editor.  it doesn't look to me as though you can copy text from the
text view, so why allow the user to highlight text?  It used to be
(although when I looked it wasn't that way so I might have been dreaming
it) that you could even position the cursor in the text view.  Instead
of this, why not have something that looks like a zoomable snapshot of
the page with a gray box around it that users cannot touch at all so
that they know, this is a preview.  In fact, putting the word preview in
the window manager bar instead of just having the name of the file being
viewed is probably a good idea too.  The idea seems to be to make things
clear in order to reduce confusion, so why not just do that rather than
make nautilus a text editor.  Clarity is simple and key.



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