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Fine. I'll try it.
I was also wondering why you was changing the prompt (to add the 'update title' magic ansi sequences) by running an export command, and not by copying/ading the value to 'char **environ' (through execle). This would avoid to have an extra line displayed at startup, isn't it ? Is there any underlying problem I'am not aware of ? And what about using the shell set in pwent, and perhaps set the prompt the correct way to let tcsh users be happy (this is not my case :-) ?


Benedikt Roth wrote:

On Thu 26, 15:10:25, Remi Cohen-Scali wrote:


I tried your terminal view ... Great, really !
And it works nice, but a little thing about file opening. It seems that when I try to open a text file in a directory (with either the icon or list view), the text view opens, then, the terminal view send an 'ls <file>'. The problem with it is that the title seems to change (just a flash) to the file path and then redisplay the directory name. This imply the text view goes away for the directory list again.
Could you remove the ls, isn't it useless ?

To be honest the 'ls' was just for debugging in there ;)
I noticed the bug you described and have fixed it already.
I plan to make a new relase after I fixed another bug (or at least my oaf
which is somehow screwed up).
I attached the new .c file which should work and fix the bug.
Please tell me if you still have any problems.



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