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I tried your terminal view ... Great, really !
And it works nice, but a little thing about file opening. It seems that when I try to open a text file in a directory (with either the icon or list view), the text view opens, then, the terminal view send an 'ls <file>'. The problem with it is that the title seems to change (just a flash) to the file path and then redisplay the directory name. This imply the text view goes away for the directory list again.
Could you remove the ls, isn't it useless ?

Benedikt Roth wrote:

On Mon 23, 21:12:21, Robert Atkey wrote:

On Mon, Jul 23, 2001 at 09:11:14PM +0200, Benedikt Roth wrote:

On Mon 23, 11:45:28, Ben Ford wrote:

Also, when you change directories in the terminal, will the main view follow it?

No, and I don't think that is possible (at least not with zvtterm) :(


I also wrote a terminal sidebar component availiable at:

(It also contains a simple 'shelf' component). I hacked up a follow the
terminal directory thing by changing the bash prompt to use the xterm
escape sequences to change the title of the terminal window to the new
directory. The component picks this up and changes the Nautilus view

Yeah, great idea! I just changed my code a bit and now location changes
work both ways, thanks :)


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