Re: [Nautilus-list] features and minor nitpicks

A simple UI for getting the files back would be a menu item which
toggles view hidden files.  When hidden files are viewable, they should
be shown washed-out or semi-transparent to indicate that they are
normally hidden.  Then selecting the hide state of the file can be
selected on the right-click menu.  (Or a hot-key, I guess.)

	Anyway, random idea. 

On 25 Jul 2001 10:47:47 -0700, Darin Adler wrote:
> On Wednesday, July 25, 2001, at 06:31  AM, Matthew J. Doller wrote:
> > 1 - would it be possible to use the metafiles to hide arbitrary files?
> > There are a few files in my home directory, for example, that pop up when
> > using certain applications that just add to the clutter.  For instance,
> > minicom leaves minicom.log, evolution leaves the evolution directory, the
> > java plugin for mozilla and netscape (at least last time i checked they
> > did) leave java trace files.
> > right clicking on these files and selecting "Hide this file in Nautilus"
> > or something a little more understandable might be good.
> We've heard this request before, and always in the context of the home 
> directory too. There are a couple small points to resolve before doing it.
>   First, if we had such a feature, we'd always have to read the metafile 
> first before displaying any files in a directory. I think we already do 
> that, but I'm not sure. Second, if we had such a feature, I'd want a UI to 
> make the files appear and disappear. I don't think that having people edit 
> the XML file directly with a text editor is sufficient. Some way to make 
> files disappear would probably be easy, but I am not so sure about ways to 
> make files appear.
> Someone other than me working on this feature might be willing to tackle 
> it without worrying so much about those issues. If someone went to the 
> trouble, I'd be happy to consider the patch without being too picky about 
> the details, I think.
> > 2 - speaking of metafiles, could the trash use a metafile to keep track of
> > certain information about the files that are in it?  Basically, could it
> > store the location that file A was deleted from, the date it was deleted,
> > etc...  Yes, i know this is how the windows recycle bin works, but i think
> > it would help if when you look in your trash you see files named "main.c"
> > "another copy of main.c" and "3rd copy of main.c", but you know that they
> > are all different files
> That's a feature that was also implemented on Macintosh. I think it would 
> be fine if someone wants to do it. It's would be about 3 or 4 days work 
> for me, I think, and probably more for anyone else.
> > 3 - I've noticed that while using the ximian-south theme (which might make
> > this an issue to take up with ximian) that some emblems do not show up
> > while in "icon view" mode.  I've made a few emblems from jimmacs folders
> > for music, binaries, etc., so that i can label my folders, and the changes
> > remain across theme changes.  I first noticed it when applying one of my
> > emblems to a symlink, and again whey applying it to a read-only directory,
> > so it may have something to do with the mini-emblems already on the files.
> If you could narrow this down to a specific set of reproducible steps, I'd 
> be happy to look into it. From your description alone I can't deduce what 
> the bug might be.
>      -- Darin
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