[Nautilus-list] Using drag and drop to copy files in Nautilus?

I'm writing a small panel applet which allows you to browse your home
directory as a panel menu.  

<plug> it's in gnome cvs in module file_menu_applet if you want to check
it out.</plug>

Anyway, I've been hooking up drag and drop and it's working okay. Except
in Nautilus. I'm trying to make Nautilus copy or move the file, but it
isn't working. I'm using text/uri-list as my mime type and Nautilus treats
that as a URL link. Reading through the nautilus drag and drop source
code, it looks like that's all it will ever do with that mime type.  (I
tested it with the panel and with gmc just to be sure.)  

So does this mean that I have to use Nautilus's internal mime
type: x-special/gnome-icon-list to perform a move and copy?  Is there any
other way to do it?  What risks should I look out for if I use a type is
seems obviously internal?

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