Re: [Nautilus-list] [Resend] [ANNOUNCE] Nautilus community website

> Lovers of shiny buttons and spiffy sidebars rejoice!
> jdub and I would like to solicit input for a Nautilus "Community website", which would host themes, scripts, emblems, icons, news, screenshots, tips, pointers to interesting bugzilla info, you name it. Most of the details are still up in the air, but he
re's what you can do to help.
> 1.  Content. This is the most important. If you yourself have some good content, or you can give a pointer to some, reply to the list so everyone can check it out.

How will this interact with  Isn't there supposed to be a at some point?  

> 2.  Meta-ideas. If you have any good ideas for content, cool features for the site, etc., let us know.

In addition to all the user stuff (icons, news, screenshots, etc.),
I'd love to see some tutorials or documentation for developers.  It
would be a great way to help get some more nautilus developers.  Maybe
some descriptions of the nautilus architecture.  It's quite daunting
to figure it all out by looking at the source code.

my 2 cents...

name:    Jamin Philip Gray
email:   jgray writeme com
icq:     1361499
jabber:  jamin jabber com

The world's most amazing feats were accomplished by people not
smart enough to realize they were impossible.

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