Re: [Nautilus-list] Terminal as a sidebar tab

> I wrote a small terminal component which one can use in the nautilus
> sidebar.

Cool!  Got any screenshots?

> It does not have many features is quite hackish and I guess it will become 
> obsolete with a GNOME 2 version of the gnome-terminal but I liked the terminal
> view in konqueror and was a bit bored.
> So, I thought I'd share it here just in case someone wants to use it, too.
> The component is at:
> To build it inside nautilus use this patch:

name:    Jamin Philip Gray
email:   jgray writeme com
icq:     1361499
jabber:  jamin jabber com

The world's most amazing feats were accomplished by people not
smart enough to realize they were impossible.

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