Re: [Nautilus-list] Rename Eel

iain wrote:

> I didn't think I had to change that much stuff. I think the only things
> I had to change was the iterator stuff, which you don't like, but I
> kinda think is essential, because if the main raison d'etre is
> convenience, then lots of people will abuse the string list in exactly
> the same way I did, and they will get the same slowdowns I did. But I'll
> remove it if thats what you want.
> iain

I think the current iterator is good enough for iterating the string
collection, i.e., a "const" iterator.  If we need something where you
have to insert strings into the collection without suffering the nth
penalty of the G{S}List, then we could wither make the current iterator
safe for that, or write a "non const" one.

Im also realizing that StringList is a bad name for this thing. 
StringCollection is probably better ;-)


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