Re: [Nautilus-list] Another compile problem on Solaris

On Thursday, July 12, 2001, at 08:00  AM, Peter O'Shea wrote:

Checking config.status, IDL_CFLAGS did not have $prefix/share/idl.  Going
back to configure, here's how IDL_CFLAGS is set up:

IDL_CFLAGS="${IDL_CFLAGS} -I\$(top_srcdir) -I\$(top_builddir)"

(line 5035) mention of $prefix/share/idl.

Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear. I said that IDL_CFLAGS is "set up by the gnome-config line". While I am no expert on how gnome-config works, I was able to determine that line 406 of sets this up:

AM_PATH_GNOME($GNOME_REQUIRED,,AC_MSG_ERROR([*** GNOME $GNOME_REQUIRED or better is required.]), vfs xml bonobo bonobox bonobox_print idl gnomeui gtk gdk_pixbuf gnomecanvaspixbuf eel librsvg)

This AM_PATH_GNOME macros sets up many variables, include XXX_CFLAGS, where xxx is any of the things listed in the last macro parameter. And "idl" is one of those things. That's what's supposed to set up IDL_CFLAGS.

So, a simple 'setenv IDL_CFLAGS /home/poshea/bin/gnome/share/idl' and then re-run configure got it set correctly, but shouldn't configure be smart enough to use 'gnome-config --cflags idl' itself?

I didn't mean to suggest setting IDL_CFLAGS in your environment explicitly.
I was pointing you at what's broken so you can investigate further. Specifically, if you type:

    gnome-config --cflags idl

It should return the appropriate -I directive. If it doesn't, then you have an issue with the version of gnome-libs you have installed. Again, I am not really an expert on this area, but it's definitely this AM_PATH_GNOME macro, which invokes gnome-config, that's setting up IDL_CFLAGS on the non-Solaris platorms.

    -- Darin

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