Re: [Nautilus-list] Selection of multiple items with the keyboard

On Wednesday, July 11, 2001, at 03:05  PM, Christian Rose wrote:

While trying out all this selecting, I noticed that selecting multiple
items by navigating with only the keyboard seems to not possible at this
moment. This is a feature I miss, since I've used it frequently in the
Windows Explorer and other file managers.

While the shift-key feature you mention from Windows Explorer is not present, there is a way to select multiple items navigating with only the keyboard. The feature is confusing because it originally used the Ctrl key with arrows and the space bar, then it was changed to use the Alt key to avoid conflicting with Sawfish's use of Ctrl, then John Harper changed Sawfish back to using Alt and Nautilus back to using Ctrl. So to test this, you need a new enough Nautilus (so it uses Ctrl) and a new enough Sawfish (so it doesn't use Ctrl).

Make one item selected some way. Then hit Ctrl-arrow to choose another item. The original item is still selected and the new item is highlighted with a box around its name. Hit Ctrl-space. Now the second item is selected.

This technique allows you to select any set of items with the keyboard. It doesn't allow you to select an entire rectangle of icons all at once, but on the other hand it lets you make selections that aren't rectangular patterns.

We could also add the rectangular selection with Shift, especially if lots of other former Windows users request it.

    -- Darin

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