Re: [Nautilus-list] Chained URIs and archive viewers.

On Tuesday, July 10, 2001, at 05:35  PM, Ian McKellar wrote:

The issue was that I accessed the gnome-vfs "viewer" by navigating to a
to a different url. I'm sure theres a better way, but I wasn't doing it.

I think we probably want to hide this different URI. I've worked out in my mind how this might function, and the one thing I'm still stuck on is figuring out how the shell can know that "Up" from "file:///home/darin/archive.tar#tar:///archive_dir" is "file:///home/darin/ archive.tar" with the viewer set to see the inside of the archive rather than "file:///home/darin/archive.tar#tar:///". The current data tells us that we can append "tar:///" given a file that is of the proper MIME type,
 but doesn't give us a way to go the other direction.

This is no problem for simple zipped files.

I think I should probably tackle this at some point. I think it will be the Nautilus shell's job to keep track of the multiple URIs. As far as the view component is concerned, the URI will be the fancy one, but the user will see only the simple one.

One other detail to consider is what to tell sidebar components. If we don'
t tell them about the full URI with the #tar suffix, then the information will be about the tar file, not the top level directory inside the file.

    -- Darin

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