[Nautilus-list] Selection of multiple items with the keyboard

While trying out all this selecting, I noticed that selecting multiple
items by navigating with only the keyboard seems to not possible at this
moment. This is a feature I miss, since I've used it frequently in the
Windows Explorer and other file managers.

It works as follows on Windows (ivon view, but the same concept applies
to list view):
Make one item selected some way. Then press the shift key and keep it
pressed. If you press the left arrow key the item to the left of the
originally selected item will also get selected. If you press left again
another item to the left of the last one will get selected, making a
total of three selected items. If you then press down, the three items
immediately below the first ones will also get selected, producing a 32
area of selected items.
This way you can select files in rectangular patterns by navigating with
the arrow keys and pressing shift.

I added this as an RFE; http://bugzilla.eazel.com/show_bug.cgi?id=8403

(btw: An 1.0.4 version needs to be added to the Nautilus component in
Eazel bugzilla)


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