[Nautilus-list] Scripts: standard outputs??

I have just started looking at Nautilus scripts (in a rare quiet moment).

I was wondering if there is any mechanism for a script to send output to some component of Nautilus, either some text window or the status bar? Where does the standard output and standard error streams go?

Could Nautilus redirect a scripts stdout to some part of itself, a text display in the main window? (Optionally, set to display if it receives any non-whitespace).

For that matter, if there where pseudo devices for components (eg, /dev/nautilus-statusbar, /dev/nautilus-notes)? (These are then script language independant).

Maybe there are -- doc on what Nautilus offers to scripts is pretty scarse.

Just a 2p worth...


Simon A Watts
Software Engineer
Marconi Medical Systems
mailto:simon watts marconi com
tel: +44(0) 1252 747 311

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