Re: [Nautilus-list] Scripts: standard outputs??

On Wed, 11 Jul 2001, Simon A Watts wrote:

> For that matter, if there where pseudo devices for components (eg, 
> /dev/nautilus-statusbar, /dev/nautilus-notes)?  (These are then script 
> language independant).
> Maybe there are -- doc on what Nautilus offers to scripts is pretty scarse.

Yes, I too have gotten into writing some nautilus oriented scripts.  It is
pretty fun.  Being able to output status info aboutthe script to the
nautilus status bar would be terrific.  I can't think off the top of my
head what I would want to send to the notes pane, but I imagine someone
else could.  

So, it seems to me that this might be something relatively easily done
using named pipes... I would be willing to research this a bit if someone
could give some opinions about if this would be the "nautilus" way of
handling things. I've been wanting an excuse to get familiar with tthe
nautilus sources for some time now...

Josh "Yoshi" Steiner - josh xiphoidprocess com - 

Xiphoid Process Records -
San Francisco based electronic music.

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