[Nautilus-list] Re: [GNOME VFS] Re: magic desktop URIs

Ian McKellar <yakk yakk net au> writes:
> My only concern with putting it in gnome-vfs is that its fairly 
> distro-specific however, so long as it takes the cross-distro logic from 
> the panel that should be fine. I was searching in my head for a justification
> for it being in or out of gnome-vfs and the MIME one works for me :-)

I don't think it's distribution-specific (maybe the exact contents of
the magic folders would be, but we can still have some good default
contents for GNOME).

Maybe "Start Here" will turn out to be a lot of crackrock but it's no
more or less crackrock as a Red Hat feature vs. a GNOME feature. I'd
love to see GNOME try this out instead of us walking the plank
alone. ;-)

preferences: and programs: are definitely cool features though, IMHO,
so even if GNOME doesn't want to go down the Start Here path I think
the VFS module makes sense. Start Here just adds 3 lines of code or so
so I don't mind maintaining that as a patch to our package if

I'm most concerned about getting preferences: and programs: upstream
since maintaining those in sync with whatever happens in panel/gnomecc
would be a major pain I would rather not experience.


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