[Nautilus-list] Re: [GNOME VFS] Re: magic desktop URIs

On 10Jul2001 08:04PM (-0400), Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Darin Adler <darin bentspoon com> writes: 
> > On Tuesday, July 10, 2001, at 12:33  PM, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> > >  - a VFS module that simply maps magic URIs to trees of desktop files,
> > >    we have:
> > >
> > >       preferences:  /usr/share/control-center
> > >       programs:     /etc/X11/applnk + /usr/share/gnome/apps
> > >       sysconfig:    /etc/X11/sysconfig
> > >       serverconfig: /etc/X11/serverconfig
> > >       favorites:    ~/.gnome/apps
> > >       starthere:    /etc/X11/starthere
> >
> > Are there issues with taking up so many URI schemes? What URI
> > schemes do we own, and which ones need to be saved for uses that
> > come from the W3C or elsewhere?
> Yeah. I feel mildly guilty about this; but there are already things
> out there such as about: and smb: and so on.
> We could do desktop-folder:/starthere, desktop-folder:/preferences,
> etc., but it seems to lack some of the convenience.
> Maybe gnome-desktop:/starthere would be the Good Citizen thing to do?
> Daniel what do you recommend for naming a new URI scheme? Is there
> some sort of standard?

There is an RFC about registering URI schemes. I forget the number.
The recommended practice is to register a "foo-" prefix for your
organization because IETF official URI schemes will never contain a
dash. I tried to use "gnome-" as the prefix for URI schemes I invented
myself, although it is not officially registered. Using "desktop-"
sounds questionable to me unless we could standardize these things in
common with at least one other desktop.

Also, I'm pretty sure there is a standard URI scheme for the SMB
protocol, but it might be cifs: instead of smb:, someone should look
this up.



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