Re: [Nautilus-list] ~/Nautilus

On Tuesday, July 10, 2001, at 04:17  PM, Havoc Pennington wrote:

Anyhow, I am deleting all references to "user main directory" in
Nautilus for that reason. Does this make sense? Do you want an
upstream patch?

Yes, I would like to change this in the CVS Nautilus too.

The only really useful thing in ~/Nautilus right now is "scripts." I
am moving that to ~/.nautilus-scripts since I believe it's a
configuration file. If it seems hard to find there, we can have a
.desktop file linking to it on the desktop or in starthere:.

Is ~/.gnome/nautilus-scripts better? Sorry to stir things up.

(This also addresses the rather questionable localization of the
"scripts" filename - localizing filenames makes things break when you
switch locales. .desktop files and .directory files are good solutions
to this.)

Are you also planning to do something about moving existing users' scripts and helping them delete the ~/Nautilus directory?

BTW, did I mention before the topic of deprecating nautilus link files
in favor of .desktop files? Opinions there? .desktop files are
standardized and can be extended to do whatever Nautilus link files

I'd like to extend the .desktop files first, then remove the Nautilus link files after considering providing some migration tool. But I'd love to replace Nautilus link files with desktop files, especially if we make the desktop file implementation in Nautilus at least as good as the old link file implementation.

    -- Darin

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