Re: [Nautilus-list] Make fam a real dependency

On Tuesday, July 10, 2001, at 10:35  AM, Joe Shaw wrote:

We would do it for distributions that support it. Since Havoc and Alex
say they'll do it for Red Hat, our RH packages would probably support
it, yeah.

That's a great!

Just a small related editorial comment. The polling features of FAM are not system-specific the way the file monitoring part is. If FAM didn't support polling, we probably would have included polling in Nautilus itself. So even on systems where the distribution doesn't provide a FAM package, it would be best for users of Ximian GNOME if a FAM package was provided. The availability of a FAM package built on top of real file monitoring is a separate issue, and can make things even better, but Nautilus is *way* better with even a polling-only version of FAM than it is if compiled without FAM support.

Not that I think this will necessarily convince you, but it's worth considering the fact that we are using FAM even for the simple polling, and there's a benefit to having it around on *any* system. FAM without IMON works on pretty-much any Unix system, right?

I hope I won't regret my decision to use FAM instead of writing polling code inside Nautilus itself.

    -- Darin

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