[Nautilus-list] ~/Nautilus


In RH Nautilus (patches partially submitted upstream, more
forthcoming) we now have:

 - starthere:
 - home directory 
 - the desktop

I think the concept of "user main directory" no longer makes sense in
this context, it is redundant with those other locations.

starthere: is for stuff we want people to find, the desktop and the
panel are places where users can add links/launchers, the home
directory is for data files. Even the desktop vs. home directory idea
is somewhat questionable. So I don't see having ~/Nautilus.

Anyhow, I am deleting all references to "user main directory" in
Nautilus for that reason. Does this make sense? Do you want an
upstream patch?

The only really useful thing in ~/Nautilus right now is "scripts." I
am moving that to ~/.nautilus-scripts since I believe it's a
configuration file. If it seems hard to find there, we can have a
.desktop file linking to it on the desktop or in starthere:.

(This also addresses the rather questionable localization of the
"scripts" filename - localizing filenames makes things break when you
switch locales. .desktop files and .directory files are good solutions
to this.)

BTW, did I mention before the topic of deprecating nautilus link files
in favor of .desktop files? Opinions there? .desktop files are
standardized and can be extended to do whatever Nautilus link files


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