Re: [Nautilus-list] select all, unselect all and invert selection patch

> On Thursday, June 14, 2001, at 01:17  PM, Benedikt Roth wrote:
> > the attached patch improves the behaviour of the 'Select All' menu item
> > and adds two new menu items to the 'Edit' menu: 'Unselect All'
> > and 'Invert Selection'.
> I personally think that Unselect All is not a very good addition. And I 
> think that Invert Selection is a pretty strange feature. I guess it can be 
> useful, and it does fit into the family with commands like "Select by file 
> glob" or "Select by regular expression", but it seems hard to understand. 
> It sounds to me like something that would turn my images upside down, not 
> something that would select everything in the window that's not currently 
> selected.

I agree that "Invert Selection" and "Unselect All" aren't very good
additions, though being able to select by file glob or regex would be

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