Re: [Nautilus-list] Cyrillic support

> To use smooth text, you would need a truetype font that has cyrillic
> characters and pick that.
Thank you for this info. I installed TTFs from Win2000 and now the image
is much better...

> You can also turn off smooth graphics and pick the default font, that
> should work.
This always worked. But not for all the cases:)

> Unfortunately, there are a few places in Nautilus where smooth text is
> hard coded on, and so you lose.
For example, "About Nautilus"? News? These pages are still full of "?"

> There is more than one way to fix the current font problems that
> Nautilus has, especially regarding i18n.  I think that given the current
> resource constraints of the Nautilus team, the best thing to do is wait
> for Gtk+ 2.0 when i18n support should be better.
OK. It seems we have no choice:)

> If you (or anyone else) is interested in making workarounds for the
> current problems, I would be happy to help, but I personally would
> rather spend time making Nautilus work with Gtk+ 2.0 instead.
I see. This is fair enough.

Thanks for help and comments,


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