[Nautilus-list] librsvg and eel porting to GNOME2

I made a branches of librsvg and eel (librsvg-1-0 and eel-1-0) which is
where the GNOME 1.x platform work on these should happen from now

The CVS HEAD of librsvg and eel are now being ported to the GNOME 2

The current state is that librsvg is entirely ported and working.  Eel
is up to the "it configures" stage, which because of the many changes in
the GNOME2 platform is not trivial to get to.

If you use eazel-hacking, as always, you wont notice the difference. 
Rebuild as usual will pull the right branches.

To work with both platforms with eazel-hacking:

gnome1 - swtich to GNOME1 platform environment
rebuild-all - build the whole of GNOME1

gnome1 - switch to GNOME2 platform environment
rebuild-all - build the whole of GNOME2

Because the state of GNOME2 is alays changing, it might not work out of
the box for now.


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