Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: Galeon, Nautilus, Mozilla must share profile information

On 09 Jul 2001 16:01:25 -0700, Darin Adler wrote:
> > It is also silly to have three out-of-sync bookmark
> > lists,

I've started working on a gnome panel applet to manager bookmarks.

There's a short description up at

Basically, it's an applet that accepts DnD from Netscape and Mozilla
(and Konq, I think), and stores bookmarks in its own file format. Or
maybe gconf, or something, if I switch to that. It will have a menu
(left click) that will gnome-moz-remote open a browser window to the
specified URL. And I would hope to be able to drag and drop bookmarks
from the menus onto an open browser. Drop a link, and it'll pop up a box
asking for a category for the bookmark. Ignore the box, or cause it to
lose focus, and it'll disappear and your bookmark will go in the default

So far, it accepts DnD and stores bookmarks in a single XML file. I've
been waffling on using my own XML file format vs some system registry
like gconf. I've also thought about generalizing it a bit and making it
a new "favorites" menu, and providing a bonobo control for use in
applications, for local favorites.



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