Re: [Nautilus-list] nautilus as help viewer?

I built RPM's from the tarball for two of my machines (RH7.0, RH7.1) and I
didn't have this problem on either one.

Did you do anything unusual when you built them, like changing the prefix
it is installed under?  You documentation, for Nautilus and other GNOME
packages, should live under /usr/share/gnome/help.  If it is not there
then I would expect you to get these errors.

One thing to try is to put in the full path:

Does that work?


On 6 Jul 2001, Jens Ansorg wrote:

> today I tried and compiled the nautilus.src.rpm from tinderbox and it
> works!! especially viewing html pages in nautilus now works again :-))
> but the Help doesn't :-((
> first:
> when I try to view the user manual or release notes I get an error that
> i.e. help:nautilus-user-manual is not a valid location
> second:
> accessing the help menu in other applications does open a nautilus
> window but displays just the home folder but no help at all
> any ideas about this?
> thanks
> Jens Ansorg
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