Re: [Nautilus-list] "start here"

no no no no. You guys missed my point. The big and possibly animated
"start here" button wouldn't open up the users home directory. That would
be silly. It just so happens that is what the icon on the screenshot
currenlty does but it isn't the intention. I was just throwing up a idea
for getting ones attention with something that sticks out but doesn't look
obnoxious.  I had a few ideas about what it could do but they aren't well
thought out so I'll not share them.  Anyway, this idea can be applied as
some icon on the desktop that does something or some icon on a panel that
does something. The only crucial point to the whole idea is to have a
single icon that is not only bigger than the others but stands out
geometrically from the others. The idea is how to get ones attention in a
simple and efficient way.

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