Re: [Nautilus-list] "start here"

On 05 Jul 2001 02:05:36 -0400, mitch nuclear physics gatech edu wrote:
> 	A while back there was talk about a "start here" or "lounge
> room" type icon or menu as a place for users to start the use of the
> computer. Anyway, I was just messing around with my desktop and had a
> simple idea that would be kind of neat. If you look at the screenshot at
> , you'll see a column of icons. At
> the top you'll see a icon that is not only bigger than the rest but stands
> out amongst the others in geometry. I was thinking of having the
> "start" a bit like this. Perhaps make it standard for the object to be
> bigger, and circular. Then each person, theme, etc... can put its own
> emblem on it. In my case it has a ximian emblem. On top of this, it would
> be cool if there was some type of light, flash, or whatever animation on
> the circular icon that would draw additional attention to itself. Perhaps
> this animation can occur after the computer sits still for more than 20
> seconds. I know this is not a very big idea but sometimes it's the little
> things that make a big difference.

I personally prefer menus start programs because they disappear when you
activate an application or click on something else.

But say most users would prefer a Nautilus window, what would the
advantage be of placing the start icon on the desktop? Advantages of
placing it on the panel would be using Fitts' law and having it
available all the time (no windows can be placed above it).


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