RE: [Nautilus-list] "start here"

I think that you have a good idea here.  The whole "Start Here" concept was
suggested by Havoc a while ago, and discussed at length.  I think it is a
really good idea to help novices, and make one's desktop more convenient.  A
larger, more obvious icon on the desktop might be nice.  A very slow,
occasional pulse might be cool, but we'd have to test it out to see if it
would end up just being obnoxious.

That said, I think it would be cool if the panel had a "show desktop" type
icon, similar to windows.  I used to think that such an icon was silly, but
then once I started using my desktop more for documents and such rather than
a place to launch applications, it became much more useful.


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> no no no no. You guys missed my point. The big and possibly animated
> "start here" button wouldn't open up the users home directory. That would
> be silly. It just so happens that is what the icon on the screenshot
> currenlty does but it isn't the intention. I was just throwing up a idea
> for getting ones attention with something that sticks out but doesn't look
> obnoxious.  I had a few ideas about what it could do but they aren't well
> thought out so I'll not share them.  Anyway, this idea can be applied as
> some icon on the desktop that does something or some icon on a panel that
> does something. The only crucial point to the whole idea is to have a
> single icon that is not only bigger than the others but stands out
> geometrically from the others. The idea is how to get ones attention in a
> simple and efficient way.
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