Re: [Nautilus-list] misc

> - how to avoid file name completion ? : the problem is that when i type
>   an location on afs, Nautilus doesn't respond anymore...and then the
>   system.

Hoo boy.... The infamous "stat'ing /afs locks system" problem. I really
think that AFS should time out servers that don't respond (or even
better, everyone should be required to respond to a stat) really
quickly, but obviously this isn't feasible. Currently there's no way to
turn off file name completion. The best solution I could think of would
be to past in /afs/YOURCELL/ (whatever your cell name is) rather than
typing it.

> - when i go to webdav (or ftp) uri, that requires login/passwd window, i
> get 
>   a "couldn't display...". I have to type the l/p informations in the
> uri.

I think Ian is working on this...

> - Nautilus sometimes crashes unexpectedly :
>     "Gdk-ERROR **: BadPixmap (invalid Pixmap parameter)
>      serial 107080 error_code 4 request_code 2 minor_code 0
>      ** WARNING **: 4 scalable icons still left when destroying icon
> factory"

What system/distribution are you running on? The only place I have seen
this is running remotely on a Solaris machine displaying from a Linux

> - Last but not least : my bigest problem : 
>   if my background is managed by Nautilus, and if I start it to browse
> the web, i'm sure
>   to get the "Couldn't display.." message.
>   The only way I've  found to make it work, is to delete my
> /tmp/orbit-fred.
>   The problem is (that I don't know why it works and) that it
> (logically) crashes some apps. 

Browsing with Nautilus or Galeon or...?


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