[Nautilus-list] nautilus add-ins/hooks

I think it would be neat to have nautilus be CVS-aware, like the
'tortoise' shell hack for winders. This would place an emblem denoting
"not in cvs", "up to date", "needs to be committed," etc. Each file
would offer "cvs add", "cvs commit", "cvs import", etc. in its context

I've been looking through the nautilus source for a way to implement
this, and it looks like it might be messy. It appears that a lot of
stuff is done in libnautilus-private without a method of hooking into
what's going on from an exernal module, which means adding to the
Nautilus source tree to accomplish it.  Is there a cleaner way to hook
into nautilus to do something like this?

Michael Rothwell
rothwell holly-springs nc us

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