[Nautilus-list] minor suggestion: redisplay after sort


When displaying a large dir in a recent snapshot, the dir displays
continuously while being loaded. This is nice, however, the files are
loaded in another order than they are sorted in, and this makes the
rearrangement somewhat annoying.

How about loading the files in the order they are going to be displayed
in? Since at most 50 files are visible at the top of the list, the
background loading would be almost unnoticeable (increases in column
width, at most). I'm sure sorting directory entries is very fast (a
qsort() on 150K filenames is <1 second on my computer), so there would
hardly be any performance hit.

I wish I had the time and Nautilus expertise to make a patch, I think it
would improve the feel of Nautilus quite a bit.

Otherwise, the new snaps are fast and pretty. Keep it going!


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