[Nautilus-list] strange problem.

Hi.  I'm running nautilus 1.0.3 on debian sid, and I awoke this morning
with some font trouble (xfs was having problems loading fonts).  I fixed
the font trouble, but when I tried to start nautilus, all it would do
was seg fault.  the errors that it gave me were as follows:

** WARNING **:  Unable to find Mozilla with MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME or looking
in standard places.
Segmentation fault

Just looking at the error, I would not think that it was connected to my
font problems, but in nautilus 1.0.2, I had a problem where nautilus
would segfault because it could not locate the font that I had told it
to use.  Now, I have all of my fonts working, and yet nautilus still
will not start.  any suggestions?

Thanks a lot.


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