Re: [Nautilus-list] More thinking....

> Some details I think is quite confusing for me, as a experienced user is
> that all the desktops are located in it's own places. If I use KDE for a
> day and put something on the desktop it's gone when I start GNOME. And
> if I start nautilus we have a third desktop. Wouldn't it be nice to use
> some kind of standard desktop and standard trash. I'd love to see some
> work made towards this. This is not ment as some criticism against
> eazel, it's ment as an idea to work towards....

I agree completely...of course for now you can kludge it using symbolic
links, but in the long term I think everyone should agree on a standard,
and all desktops should share ~/Desktop or ~/.Desktop (if everyone
really desperately wants it hidden, I think its one of the few
"automatic" folders I'd rather not have hidden).


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