[Nautilus-list] Ski symbols (was Re: More thinking....)

Calum Benson wrote:
> Actually the ski-symbol isn't all that internationally-friendly anyway--
> I've been skiing in at least two European resorts that grade their
> slopes blue->red->black rather than green->blue->black  :o)

I think the scheme you describe is the European standard. It's at least
used almost everywhere in the Alps and in Scandinavia:

Blue:	Novice
Red:	Intermediate
Black:	Expert

Some times it's extended with green:

Green:	Beginner
Blue:	Novice
Red:	Intermediate
Black:	Expert

Green is then used for short, flat, wide slopes near ski centers that
are especially suited for small children and other beginners, for
example, and Blue is used to mark "ordinary", longer, slopes that still
are "easy" to most skieers that have at least some skiing experience.


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