Re: [Nautilus-list] More thinking....

>> The reason it's under the Ski symbol menu is because you get a
>> different set of preferences at different user levels
>>Maciej Stachowiak

>Actually the ski-symbol isn't all that internationally-friendly anyway--
>I've been skiing in at least two European resorts that grade their
>slopes blue->red->black rather than green->blue->black  :o)


A local resort rate them green->red->black...

Otherwise I don't like icons in the menubar at all! No matter "ski" or
anything else. The only time I think this is okey is when you stip the
window for decorations and use an icon for the window menu.

I'm not sure but I belive this is almost like asking the user to choose
from settings dumb-ordinary-smart. Wouldn't the prefered choice be given
in advance?


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