Re: [Nautilus-list] Problems compiling Nautilus CVS

On Wed, 2001-12-12 at 07:45, Darin Adler wrote:
> On 12/11/01 2:59 PM, "Thomas Cataldo" <thomas cataldo laposte net> wrote:
> > Talking about building problems with cvs head, nautilus build against
> > gnome2 (from cvs head) fails on nautilus-indexing-info.c. This file was
> > not ported at all, but looking in, there is no special magic
> > with this file, except that it depends on medusa.
> Fails how? What error?

missing G_CALLBACK() macros, and some undefined gtk_dialog functions. I
will rebuild the complete tree to provide the exact errors. Perhaps
removing libmedusa-dev from my system will fix the problem (I missed all
the ifdef HAVE_MEDUSA when I read the code).

>     -- Darin
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