Re: [Nautilus-list] build problem that Yoann and Chris reported

On 26 Aug 2001 10:39:17 -0700, Darin Adler wrote:
> On Sunday, August 26, 2001, at 09:43  AM, Chris Heywood wrote:
> > nautilus-window.o: In function `nautilus_window_constructed':
> > /home/psych/compile/nautilus/src/nautilus-window.c:741: undefined
> > reference to `e_paned_get_type'
> The above error means that when compiling in the src directory, the things 
> in the cut-n-paste library are not getting linked in. The ways this is 
> supposed to work is that the cut-n-paste library gets linked in with the 
> libnautilus-private library by this code that's something like this in the 
> libnautilus-private

In fact, I just looked at the generated library for gimphwrap and
e-paned : they are empty. I tryed changing the target into libe-paned.a
instead instead of  it seem to generate it, but there will
be an error anyway, later.

I think it's probably an autoconf2.50 bug.

>      dependency_static_libs = $(top_builddir)/cut-n-paste-
> code/widgets/e-paned/
>      libnautilus_private_la_LDFLAGS = $(dependency_static_libs)
> So something is going wrong here, and for some reason the contents of the 
> static library is not getting linked into the shared library 
> I'm thinking that it might be good to look at 
> these libraries in your build tree and see what symbols are in which.

0 symbols. Empty.


Yoann Vandoorselaere

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