[Nautilus-list] branch the branch?

Hi everyone, 

My uncommitted patches to the Red Hat banch of Nautilus are up to a
couple thousand lines and it's awkward for me to work without any
place to check it all in. It also makes it hard to generate diffs
between different points in time in my work. How about I make a branch
to the Red Hat branch? I can do the work to merge the changes to the
Red Hat branch if the Red Hat folks decide they want them, or else
after they ship their release but before their branch is merged to the

Darin, any opinions?

The changes are getting big because my attempts to improve performance
are turning into a game of whack-a-mole - fix one thing and another
pops up really high on the profile.

The one I'm currently workign on is N^2 behavior in
nautilus-directory-async.c - I think to get good performance on large
directories it needs a queue of files that are missing at least one
piece of info instead of scanning the whole file list each time. This
is probably going to be abother big change, and it sucks to try to
manage all of this as diffs.

 - Maciej

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