[Nautilus-list] More on optimization


I've been looking at speeding up Nautilus a bit, especially where it comes
to opening a new window with a directory-list, and changing directories in
a directory-list. I think a lot of small fixes need to be made to eliminate
any user-noticeable delays -- I've clocked opening a new window at 4+ seconds,
and changing a directory at over 1 second.

I think that a few places that could be improved are:
location_has_really_changed -- This can take 1/2 second.
The function calls that call nautilus_file_can_write, nautilus_file_can_read,

Any ideas on how to fix this up are appreciated!

Is anyone experienced with this area of the Nautilus code who has time to work
on it? Is there documentation anywhere so I can try to figure this stuff out

Jeff Balk
balk0016 tc umn edu

Jeff Balk - balk0016 tc umn edu

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