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On Monday, August 20, 2001, at 07:02  PM, Havoc Pennington wrote:

So in summary, you're saying that you would like running Nautilus from
the Programs menu to turn off the "manage desktop" preference, and
overwrite the old value stored in that preference, unless Nautilus is
already running. We don't currently have a way of doing that from the
command line (although you might be able to do it with gconftool :-)
And if Nautilus is already running, you want it to do what?

I think if Nautilus is already running it should give you a new
"blank" window (about:blank in mozilla; I guess in Nautilus the
equivalent is to load your homedir or something). And of course not
affect the desktop setting at all.

If Nautilus is not already running, I would expect to just toggle the
pref off, I guess that's right. It just seems odd to launch an app and
have a chunk of desktop environment appear. Maybe no one else thinks

The assumption in the original design was that most people who are not running Nautilus all the time have the "manage desktop" preference off. So the experience of launching from a .desktop file and seeing the desktop management start up would not be something that would happen in normal circumstances. But I can imagine trying to be a bit more direct about preventing this.

Making a version of --no-desktop that turns off the preference (instead of hiding the preference and ignoring its setting as --no-desktop does) would not be too difficult. And we can make it be a no-op if Nautilus is already running. I'd love to straighten these out instead of making them more complicated, but this does seem to continue to be subtle and a bit confusing. Perhaps hiding the preference should be a separate command-line switch instead of a built-in aspect of --no-desktop.

(Note that whether a window is created or not is usually not dependent on whether Nautilus was already running, so that should be the same in either case.)

 - if you are in KDE, you see all the GNOME menus. Running Nautilus
   hoses you badly (KDE decides it's a fullscreen presentation program
   and covers up the KDE panel).

We do whatever it takes to prevent this nightmare.

One thought is to try to detect KDE, there are various hacks for
that. Or maybe we could formalize a real way to avoid multiple
"desktop managers," much as we can currently avoid multiple window

I was trying to get away with just changing the .desktop file for now

I don't have a really clear sense about what the right solution is. Originally, the "--no-desktop" option was intended to help in cases like this. I presume a KDE user don't want to have a "manage desktop" switch that if turned on will cover the windows and "hose you badly". That's one of the reasons that "--no-desktop" hides the preference.

Also, we need to hack gnome-libs to add --no-desktop to the usage of
Nautilus as a help browser, in case you choose help for a GNOME app
from KDE.

Well, we need to solve the problem. I'm not sure that the current
"--no-desktop" is the solution.

You've convinced me of that. So I think this is the same as what you
want to do in KDE, and what you want to do from the Programs menu.

Basically I guess the command line option is "pretend to work like a
web browser, ignore the desktop thing, but don't mess up any current
desktop management" ;-)

Maybe "--no-desktop" is right for this. To figure this out, the only questions we have to ask are:

1) Is it OK to not see the "manage desktop" switch at all in preferences if Nautilus is invoked this way and not already running? 2) Is it OK to remember the old setting of "manage desktop" and use that the next time Nautilus is invoked? The original idea was that at session startup time you would run "nautilus --no-default-window" which will manager the desktop if the preference is on and do nothing otherwise.

    -- Darin

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