Re: [Nautilus-list] run-nautilus

Darin Adler <darin bentspoon com> writes:
> On Monday, August 20, 2001, at 04:01  PM, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> >  - if you do not normally run Nautilus, but run it from Programs menu,
> >    it should not manage the desktop; presumably you just wanted a file
> >    window. But "manage desktop" should really be in the preferences,
> >    so you can change whether it manages the desktop.
> So in summary, you're saying that you would like running Nautilus from
> the Programs menu to turn off the "manage desktop" preference, and
> overwrite the old value stored in that preference, unless Nautilus is
> already running. We don't currently have a way of doing that from the
> command line (although you might be able to do it with gconftool :-)
> And if Nautilus is already running, you want it to do what?

I think if Nautilus is already running it should give you a new
"blank" window (about:blank in mozilla; I guess in Nautilus the
equivalent is to load your homedir or something). And of course not
affect the desktop setting at all.

If Nautilus is not already running, I would expect to just toggle the
pref off, I guess that's right. It just seems odd to launch an app and
have a chunk of desktop environment appear. Maybe no one else thinks

> >  - if you are in KDE, you see all the GNOME menus. Running Nautilus
> >    hoses you badly (KDE decides it's a fullscreen presentation program
> >    and covers up the KDE panel).
> We do whatever it takes to prevent this nightmare.

One thought is to try to detect KDE, there are various hacks for
that. Or maybe we could formalize a real way to avoid multiple
"desktop managers," much as we can currently avoid multiple window

I was trying to get away with just changing the .desktop file for now

> > Also, we need to hack gnome-libs to add --no-desktop to the usage of
> > Nautilus as a help browser, in case you choose help for a GNOME app
> > from KDE.
> Well, we need to solve the problem. I'm not sure that the current
> "--no-desktop" is the solution.

You've convinced me of that. So I think this is the same as what you
want to do in KDE, and what you want to do from the Programs menu.

Basically I guess the command line option is "pretend to work like a
web browser, ignore the desktop thing, but don't mess up any current
desktop management" ;-)

Make any sense? What do we call the option?


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