Re: [Nautilus-list] run-nautilus

Ramiro Estrugo <ramiro fateware com> writes: 
> It used to do more interesting things.  For example, at one time it
> would check that you have a bonobo that works with Nautilus.
> Over time the amount of extra stuff done by the script was reduced to
> zero, but we didnt remove the script in case someone was using it to run
> nautilus.  I beleive the nautilus.desktop file referenced it, for
> example.

Thanks, that's exactly what I was wanting to change (to add
--no-desktop --no-default-window to the .desktop file). But then I
stopped and thought maybe those options should be in the run-nautilus
script. It sounds like the answer is no, run-nautilus could be used
outside of the .desktop file.


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