Re: [Nautilus-list] preferences

On 18Aug2001 11:19AM (-0400), Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Maciej Stachowiak <mjs noisehavoc org> writes: 
> > But I for one would love to see any cleanup of the prefs code that
> > maintains the current feature set.
> > 
> While in the Eazel heyday you guys had no problem writing a mountain
> of custom code to get from 95% UI spec implementation to 100%, I think
> given current resources using stock libraries as-is and otherwise
> shrinking the code is probably a good idea when possible. Being
> absolutely rigid about the last 5% of feature set isn't sensible IMHO,
> if you end up "fighting the system" in ways that make the code a PITA.
> Also, since we aren't on a tight schedule delivery of specific
> features we can always go down and fix things on the library level,
> then wait for it to trickle up.
> Realistically, the 5% here is the 6 defaults I mentioned being
> different by user level. I specifically listed those to make the
> argument concrete, so we'd know exactly what the real cost is.

I'd agree with you if it this were a new feature, but it's a feature
that already works. It would probably also simplify the code base to
remove smooth graphics support, but as it is we'd not want to do that
until we're actually using the future library that provides it (Gtk2,
Pango, etc).

I'm definitely in favor of any simplification you can do to this
code. I'm also in favor of using GConf user level support as soon as
it exists. But it's hard for me to believe these same 6 defaults
engender a mountain of irreducible additional complexity in the



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