Re: [Nautilus-list] Thumbnailing bug

On Friday, August 17, 2001, at 11:16  AM, Alex Larsson wrote:

I think the patch is correct, because with the patch the behaviour is:
1) look for local thumbnail, if exists and uptodate, just return it.
2) look for global thumbnail, if exists and uptodate, just return it.
3) Look if we can create a local thumbnail.
4) Else do a global one
5) Create it.

That sounds right, but what about all the other places where an is_local flag is passed into make_thumbnail_uri? Are you sure this is the only one that's incorrect?

(side note):

In general, some Nautilus code confuses three separate questions:

1) Would it be fast to do I/O to this URI, so I can do it sync. instead of going out of my way to do it async.?
    2) Does this URI correspond to a file system path?
    3) Is this URI a "local" on in the gnome-vfs sense.

I would like to straighten these out and untangle them as much as possible.

    -- Darin

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