Re: [Nautilus-list] properties window raising

On 13 Aug 2001 12:34:27 -0400, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Chris Heywood <psych primus com au> writes: 
> > here (with sawfish 1.0 debian sid package) I see a quick flash then it
> > (prop window) goes directly to the back without me doing anything.  the
> > properties window seems to have the focus (selected in task list) but it
> > is hidden behind the other windows.
> > 
> That's probably a Sawfish bug then, unless Nautilus is doing something
> truly bizarre which I doubt it is.

ok, before I post to the sawfish list I'll report what I've found here,
to check that it isn't a nautilus problem (as I can't reproduce it with
anything else).

if I have sawfish setup to "Raise windows when they are focused", then
nautilus property windows appear behind the main window which is open,
but in front of other applications.

so if I have a nautilus window on my home dir open, and bring up a
properties window on something, it automatically lowers below the
nautilus window, but above the others.

if I open properties on a desktop object it opens above all other
windows (including open nautilus windows).

if I change the sawfish setting back, things work fine, but I find
sawfish un-usable in this way, not being able to click on windows and
having them come to the front.

thanks for any feedback.  if this is definitely a sawfish issue let me
know and I'll take it up on the sawfish list.


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