Re: [Nautilus-list] CVS compile

Chris Heywood <psych primus com au> writes:
> thanks for the help guys.  I did the adding #undef before the jpeg
> include to fix the compile, but how are you going to change this in CVS
> so nautilus compiles on debian?  or are you just going to leave it up to
> the debian packagers?

Well, the real problem is with the libjpeg maintainers. They are
defining an unnamespaced preprocessor symbol that is known to be
widely-used.  Probably it was just an accident on their part. Anyhow,
I'd suggest patching Debian libjpeg and sending a patch upstream to
get it fixed.  config.h type of stuff can't be installed/used by
libraries; it's just insanity. Nautilus will definitely not be the
only app this impacts.


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