Re: [Nautilus-list] RE: Roadmap?

I still don't see a need to create 1.1. Why not just release 1.0.5,
1.0.6, etc, as the features mentioned are implemented and bugs are

On 06 Aug 2001 16:34:32 -0400, Aaron Weber wrote:
> Here's my stab at a roadmap, or at least a sketch of one.
> Forgive the html mail here, but i'm trying to make this organized 
> and attractive to read. And of course please disagree with me!
> Milestones: 
> Let's arbitrarily choose three Milestones for the next few months.
> We'll call them  1.1, 2.0, and future/post-2.0.
> 1.1 will consist of new features, bug fixes, and performance
>   improvements. It will occur halfway between now and the GNOME 2.0
>   release.
> 2.0 will coincide with the GNOME 2.0 release and will involve porting
>   to the GNOME 2.0 platform. I don't know what issues this will fix,
>   or what bugs it will create. Does anyone else have any ideas?
>   Ideally, it would be about 3 months after 1.1, and not have any new
>   features, just performance and bug fixes that are a result of the
>   port to the better development platform.
> Process:
> There are 3 basic kinds of work to do. We will want to move
> the focus from 1 to 3 as we go along.
> New Features, including ogg support for the music view, new views
>    generally, hacks to existing views and sidebar configurations.
>    Work like this may introduce new bugs.
> Performance Enhancements: Although performance enhancements will
>    likely introduce some bugs, they are not as risky as new-feature
>    bugs.
> Plain Bugs: Just fixing things, especially bugs that cause a crash or
>    hang. No new features. No infrastructure work.
> So, now we have to figure out which bugs go where.  That'll be fun. I
> guess someone would have to put the milestones into bugzilla before
> people start categorizing them.
> A few examples
> of things i'd like to see by 1.1:
> Sidebar:
>   File manipluation in the tree-view sidebar
> (
>   Terminal view sidebar (7789)
> Views:
>   Ogg support for music view  (1499)
>   A few extra views
>   Make it easier to add "View as..." items to a menu.  
> Shell:
>   New Terminal in this directory (8290)
>   Specify apps needing terminal
>   tgz and bz2 archive navigation, extraction, and creation support
> Plain Bugs:
>    Run a search for "Crash" in bugzilla and see what you get.
>    The webview is unstable.
>    Drag and Drop causes bg flashing.
> Cheers,
> a.

efgbr at

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