[Nautilus-list] RE: Roadmap?

Here's my stab at a roadmap, or at least a sketch of one.

Forgive the html mail here, but i'm trying to make this organized 
and attractive to read. And of course please disagree with me!

Let's arbitrarily choose three Milestones for the next few months.
We'll call them  1.1, 2.0, and future/post-2.0.

1.1 will consist of new features, bug fixes, and performance
  improvements. It will occur halfway between now and the GNOME 2.0

2.0 will coincide with the GNOME 2.0 release and will involve porting
  to the GNOME 2.0 platform. I don't know what issues this will fix,
  or what bugs it will create. Does anyone else have any ideas?
  Ideally, it would be about 3 months after 1.1, and not have any new
  features, just performance and bug fixes that are a result of the
  port to the better development platform.

There are 3 basic kinds of work to do. We will want to move
the focus from 1 to 3 as we go along.

New Features, including ogg support for the music view, new views
   generally, hacks to existing views and sidebar configurations.
   Work like this may introduce new bugs.

Performance Enhancements: Although performance enhancements will
   likely introduce some bugs, they are not as risky as new-feature

Plain Bugs: Just fixing things, especially bugs that cause a crash or
   hang. No new features. No infrastructure work.

So, now we have to figure out which bugs go where.  That'll be fun. I
guess someone would have to put the milestones into bugzilla before
people start categorizing them.

A few examples
of things i'd like to see by 1.1:

  File manipluation in the tree-view sidebar (http://bugzilla.eazel.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1560)
  Terminal view sidebar (7789)
  Ogg support for music view  (1499)
  A few extra views
  Make it easier to add "View as..." items to a menu.  

  New Terminal in this directory (8290)
  Specify apps needing terminal
  tgz and bz2 archive navigation, extraction, and creation support

Plain Bugs:
   Run a search for "Crash" in bugzilla and see what you get.
   The webview is unstable.
   Drag and Drop causes bg flashing.


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