Re: [Nautilus-list] Eel-warning: nautilus seg fault

Dick Knol <dknol home nl> writes:
> Op 05 Aug 2001 09:52:24 +0100, S A Jarrett-Sprague schreef:
> > What did I do? I can't load nautilus now. I get the following message:
> > 
> > Eel-Warning **: GConf error: No database available to save configuration:
> > unable to store a value at key
> > /apps/nautilus/defaults/novice/apps/nautilus/preferences/show_hidden_files
> This probably has something to do with GConf. I had it once and got around it
> by removing my .gconf directory.

That nuked the lock on the .gconf directory, so the second gconfd
could create a new .gconf with a new lock. But blowing away all your
configuration is sort of overkill.

Also, I added an OAF workaround to recent GConf that should reduce
this problem quite a bit.


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