[Nautilus-list] Re: Re: Allowing view components to provide editing (UI and architecture issues)

mjs noisehavoc org (2001-08-03 at 1510.26 -0700):
> > "Save" saves and "do not save" does not save, but both close the doc.
> > "Cancel" does nothing, it aborts everything, nothing is changed in
> > disk or screen. That is the idea we talked about in the other lists,
> > Cancel is a "oops, I did not want this dialog" or "I changed my mind,
> > I want to keep doing things".
> Yes, I know that and you know that, but will it be clear to someone
> who did not design the app? 

It could be [ Cancel ] [ Discard changes ] [ Save changes ]. One thing
is sure, all those yes, no, ok, should be avoided when possible. Maybe
you should try to help the interface project if not there yet.


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