[Nautilus-list] Re: Allowing view components to provide editing (UI and architecture issues)

mjs noisehavoc org (2001-08-03 at 1313.35 -0700):
> > Or, if you want to be consistent with the more Mac-alike button ordering
> > that's been proposed for 2.0, rather than with the rest of Nautilus:
> > 	[Cancel] [Don't Save] [Save]
> Thanks for the suggestion, Calum. The problem I see with this proposal
> is that it's unclear from the text what Cancel does, and in
> particular, how it is different from Don't Save. Any suggestions for
> that?

"Save" saves and "do not save" does not save, but both close the doc.
"Cancel" does nothing, it aborts everything, nothing is changed in
disk or screen. That is the idea we talked about in the other lists,
Cancel is a "oops, I did not want this dialog" or "I changed my mind,
I want to keep doing things".


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